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Miss Maria Zay BSc Hons S.MRCSLT

Assistant Speech and Language Therapist 

Mr Chris Wade BSc Hons MRCSLT

Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist 

 Mrs Hulya Mehmet BSc Hons MRCSLT

Head of Service

Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Alexandra Polatidou BSc Hons SMRCSLT

Assistant Speech and Language Therapist 

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  • How to identify a late-talker

  • Is screen time bad for young kids?

  • How to boost a child's vocabulary

  • Help communicating with teens

  • How to help a shy talker 

  • Does a stutter go away without help?

  • Toddler-Tantrums and how to help

Assessment and Therapy

Articulate is a Speech and Language Therapy Service providing top quality services to parents and children with a wide range of communication concerns. Whether you’re in need of an assessment or therapy sessions, Hulya Mehmet, Head of Service, has the professional and comprehensive expertise in a variety of different communication areas to support your child's speech and language needs.

Early years assessment

General assessment of all aspects of communication for young children.

Specialist Consultations



Articulation / Lisp.

Verbal Dyspraxia. Behaviour.

Speech or Language

Delay or Disorder.

Voice disorders.

Working Memory.

School age assessment

In-depth assessment of speech and language.


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